July 9, 2020

You hear it all the time. Someone attended Sunday school and youth groups as a young person. They gave their life to Christ, but as life went on, they strayed. They made choices that drew them farther and farther from that strait and narrow path. Now, their soul is yearning to return to Jesus, …

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July 9,2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to our new subscribers. We pray this newsletter blesses each of you. Our prayer is that the peace that passes all understanding will surround each of you and that you will have no fear and be comforted in these very hard days. We look to the One who holds the entire world in His Hand for all things and these are the days we are to look to Him first and foremost. 

We are never to bow a knee to no man. Remember why the three young men were thrown into the firey furnace? It was because they refused to bow down. We are seeing many "leaders" bow down to men, to a system of corruption. Will you bow?

These are the days that will try the hearts of men. In these uncertain times, please remember that we are not given the spirit of fear. "Ye were not given the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7. We are told not to fear in the Word of God often. We are also told that the hearts of men would fail them for fear. Which group do you fit into? Our human mind wants to fear but we must rest in the assurance that our Heavenly Father is with us at all times and we must spend our time in prayer and conduct ourselves accordingly. 

Please join us in prayer for all our brethren who are experiencing sickness, loss, or grief. We pray that our Heavenly Father would comfort each and each one and give each His peace in all circumstances. 


Watch! Pray! Occupy!

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