June 28, 2018

Many people get bogged down in religion. Religion consists of rites and rules. Christianity isn't a religion, it's faith. Unfortunately, many people have perverted the Gospel by bringing in the doctrines of men. What is the Gospel? It's Good News. To appreciate the Good News you first need to understand the bad news. Human beings are sinners. …

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June 28, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What is good is being called bad and what is bad is being called good. Where is the outcry from those who call themselves followers of the Messiah? Silence is deafening.

Please also remember to be in prayer for the people of the island of Hawaii and also for all affected by the volcano, the toxic sulphur  dioxide fumes and for the western coast of the USA and other places that will be affected by a tsunami if parts of the Big Island fall into the ocean as a result of fracturing from fissures caused by lava flow.


Watch! Pray! Occupy!

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