June 18, 2015

Scripture is filled with accounts of men who obeyed God. Though none of these men were perfect and sometimes failed, they all are remembered for their service to God. There are many godly men to consider, but let's look at a few. Abram lived in a pagan culture filled with idols and false gods. One day …

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June 18,, 2015

Events seem to be moving at warp speed these days. Are we the only ones who are noticing this?  It is important to watch for the return of our Lord but remember His ascension. Those present stood there and just looked at where He had been until an angel was sent to tell them that they had work to do and go do it. 

Today, it is natural for us to be focusing on events in light of prophecy. But remember, we all have calling upon our lives. God gives us assignments and instead of standing around just watching, let us not forget to be busy doing those things we are to do for Him. He said abide until I come. That didn't mean just sit and do nothing.

Our Christian brothers and sisters are being slaughtered, tortured for their faith and are showing courage in the face of it. Please, let us never let a day go by without lifting these saints upon in our prayers. They know the cost of serving the Lord. Let us not think for one second this could never happen to those of us in the west. We move further (as a society) away from God Almighty with each passing day. Stand for your faith in all things. Stand in the way you raise your children, stand in the way  you do business, keep your word, keep God's Word, let the love of the Lord be shown in everything on your job and with your friends and family. 

Never forget that we are to finish the race strong. A good runner doesn't let up when he sees the finish line in sight. He gets his second wind and goes all out. Let us remember that.



Pray Saints!                                                                                                                                                      

Thank you for your patience. Be blessed!