April 20, 2017   Many people are put to death because of crimes they've committed. Most of these crimes involve murder, but there are some countries that will put someone to death simply because a person is a Christian. This isn't anything new, and it happens frequently. Have you ever wondered why Jesus was executed? The answer might surprise …

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April 21 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to take the time to thank all new subscribers to our newsletter.  We pray it blesses you and if you know anyone who may enjoy reading it, please feel free to pass it along. 

Please remember all our brothers and sisters around the globe in prayer. We must lift one another up daily in prayer. As well, this is the time to fervently pray for loved one's salvation, that the prodigals would be called home, and that eyes and ears would be open to hear what the Lord is saying in these times.


Watch! Pray! Occupy!

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