JESUS PRAYED FOR YOU April 13, 2017     If you knew you were about to be arrested, falsely accused of a crime, put through a mock trial, beaten so badly that pieces of flesh were torn out and your bones showed, mocked, and ultimately crucified, what would your thoughts be? Most of us would run and hide. Our thoughts …

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April 13 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We rejoice, especially at this time of the year, for the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior, The Anointed One, who died for us. He fulfilled many prophecies by His life, His death, His resurrection, and His victory over eternal punishment for sin for all who would follow Him.

We would like to take the time to thank all new subscribers to our newsletter.  We pray it blesses you and if you know anyone who may enjoy reading it, please feel free to pass it along. 

Please remember all our brothers and sisters around the globe in prayer. We must lift one another up daily in prayer. As well, this is the time to fervently pray for loved one's salvation, that the prodigals would be called home, and that eyes and ears would be open to hear what the Lord is saying in these times.


Watch! Pray! Occupy!

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