March 31, 2016  

As we go through this life we concern ourselves with various activities such as earning a living, raising a family, and doing what we can to get by, but seldom do we consider what will happen to us after we die. Everyone will live forever, but not everyone will spend eternity with Jesus. There’s only …

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March 31, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today's Newsletter was especially  poignant for me - as admnistrator, as a person who has learned that we are never far from the heart of our Father. I never know the topic of each commentary Nathele will send until it arrives, but it always is right on with what is happening or events that are occuring. We know He who coordinates this. 

Many (most perhaps) of the readers don't "know" Ron and Nathele Graham. This little note is a way to let our readers know that this ministry is truly a work for the Lord from the heart. Nathele Graham bravely continued publishing her husband's unpublished commentaries after he passed. It was an honor and a pleasure to assist her as I loved Ron and his passion for the things of our Father. 

I commented to Nathele via email that this commentary was appropriately titled because we are encouraged, admonished by our Lord, Jesus Christ, to see to the poor, care for the sick and the widows. Acts of love can never be replaced with money although having money to help isn't a bad thing. Things done from the heart are acts of the love of our Savior. He loved with agape love and try as we may, we won't be able to achieve that perfect love ourselves in this world. 

My personal testimony most don't know. I won't bore readers here. But, always when I seem to be struggling with "life" or praying perhaps "Father, let me be remembered. Let me be relevant to Your work and to my brothers and sisters." I was praying such a prayer just this morning. The mail lady came this morning and I found a package in the mailbox. It was from Nathele Graham. In it, I found an item she made lovingly with her hands for me. And tucked inside were packets of flower seeds. This just brought me to tears.

How could she have known that I was thinking of my grandmother (who is gravely ill) and how she and I always planted beautiful flowers and seeds each spring with the anticipation of the beauty they would bring. I continued this tradition with my youngest daughter. Precious, precious memories these are. And, my Father, the Creator of all there is, had Nathele remind me in a not-so-subtle way that He hears my prayers and sent packets of beautiful flower seeds so that I could, as I have so many years now, once again plant them and remember the precious times with my wonderful Godly grandmother who is 96.

I rushed to get them planted and all the while, thanked Father for His loving kindness and for putting Nathele Graham in my life and thanked Him for what a blessing she is. 

Perhaps this newsletter blesses each of you. It is my hopeful prayer today that it does. This little account of the wonderful way our Father works hopefully will give you a small glimpse into the huge heart of the servant of the Lord, Nathele Graham. I pray these newsletters are as those seeds, they bring precious memories to mind or minister to you in just the way you need.

Yours Always,


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