Pardon Our Progress!

If you see this page then you probably know that our website has been AWOL for a week or so. We were hacked by a Chinese “entity” despite our best security measures.Many Christian websites have been under attack and we know this is from the enemy.

This time, however; our database was wiped away and so we decided to take more agressive measures  against future attacks (sort of like spiritual warfare in cyberspace) while we have to rebuild.

We are taking this not as a challenge nor a setback but an opportunity to make the site not only more secure (like Fort Knox) but also add the latest technology so that it is more friendly for mobile and tablet users.

For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter please know that you will not receive spam as a result of this brute force attack on the site. Please do make sure you are receiving your newsletters. They are mailed out Thursday-Saturday weekly. Notify if you happen to not receive yours or resubscribe. It could be possible that we might have overlooked someone. This is not intentional.

We are working as quickly as possible to get this website back up and running.  Please accept our apologies for inconvenience! We will be uploading new commentaries and rebuilding other pages. We ask for your patience as well your prayers!

We count it all joy!



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